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Our online store is running a constant offer for loyal customers, the Buyer names its own price!

It works in the following way:

  • Choose at least 5 items or choose items in amount of 100EUR/GBP or more;
  • Send a list of the goods with the item ID and names to e-mail: or
  • It is important You specify the price of Your desired items in the e-mail*
  • The store administrator will review Your proposal and answer not later than 48h;
  • The store administrator may accept, decline or offer a different proposal to buyer**
  • If the buyer's offer is accepted or buyer accepts administrator's offer, then the buyer should make the payment within three (3) days according on the agreed price.

* Our store accepts trading on the price, if it is correct, reasonable and for both parties acceptable.
** The store administrator is not required to provide an explanation for approval or rejection about the buyer's proposal.

In case of questions write to us: or

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